Career Opportunities

WW Builders Inc. recognizes our success is because of our employees.  Through our employees, WW Builders Inc. has completed numerous projects for our clients.  Our clients keep coming back to us because our employees are well respected for their work and it shows in everything they accomplish.  WW Builders Inc. wishes to maintain this level of professionalism when hiring new employees.  To help with this, all employees hired must submit to random drug tests, have no felonies, be capable of doing their job properly, and follow instructions from their supervisor.

Safety is very important to us at WW Builders Inc.  We require our employees to wear hard hats, safety vests, and steel toe boots at all times, as well as maintaining OSHA or WW Builders Inc.'s Safety Standards, whichever is more strict.  No one plans on having an accident, however, by utilizing safety you are preventing and/or protecting yourself and others from incidents that may occur otherwise.

WW Builders Inc. benefits include insurance, vacation time, and Christmas bonuses.  We are all family here and value each employee as such.  If you are looking for a career and want to gain skill sets that will last you a life time, then look no further.  With our experienced management and foremen, we are capable of providing you with all the knowledge you will need to succeed in this career.  The only thing you will need to do is act professional at all times, have an open mind to learn quickly, and work hard because it does pay off down the road.

WW Builders Inc. looks forward to working with you!

WW Builders Inc.'s growth rate has been increasing rapidly each year!  When we have openings, these are currently the positions we hire for:

To apply, download an application where you can fill out and print an application.  You can also visit us at our main office location to obtain an application.  We look forward to hearing from you. If you have any further questions feel free to call us at (580) 255-4302.

Having problems finding our main office? Click here for a map providing our exact location!