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Getting Started with Procore

WW Builders Inc. utilizes Procore as its main software program.  Through Procore, we run most of our project management so that everyone stays coordinated with each other.  Emails, Change Orders, RFI's, Submittals, Transmittals, Inspections, Punch List, Drawings, Specs, etc. are all used through Procore. 

If you have not used Procore with us yet, email us here at and ask for an invite into the system.  Once you receive the invitation, set up your account name and password.

Recommended: On Procore's website in the top right corner is a ? mark.  Click on the ? and go to Procore Certification, from there click on the Subcontractor lesson.  This will provide you with the necessary knowledge to utilize Procore to its full potential.  If you are needing more help, we recommend going to the ?, click on Training Videos, and search for the topic you are having problems with or contact us here at WW Builders Inc.