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Before Construction of a Project can even begin there is the Pre-Construction phase.  WW Builders Inc. has the staff, knowledge, and experience to provide you with our Pre-Construction services that will have you feeling confident your Project is going to be completed within budget, on schedule, and professionally managed.  First, our team will coordinate with the Owner, Architect, and any other individual/team involved in the Project.  WW Builders Inc. will then look over the Project and add its engineering expertise, including insight of specific risks, and provide preemptive solutions.  To seek and achieve the level of perfection you expect of your Project when hiring someone is what WW Builders Inc. strives to accomplish for each of our customers.  With our talented employees and state of the art software, you will always feel reassured that your Project is being built just as you have imagined it.  Listed below are several of the activities we perform during Pre-Construction.  WW Builders Inc.'s professionalism makes this phase a smooth process for you, the Owner.

 Pre-Construction Activities include:

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